The Wharf to Wharf Swim is a major fundraiser for the Mathews Land Conservancy each year and a tribute to the late L. Wayne Hudgins, a Mathews’ native, Wharf enthusiast and long-time member of the MLC Board of Directors.


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Wharf to Wharf Swim 2021 Winners

From left,  John Clair, 3rd place, Kate Jenkins, 1st place, and John O’Shaughnessy, 2nd place
Photo credit:  Boo Schwartz

2021 Swim

One dozen swimmers completed the 15th annual L. Wayne Hudgins Memorial Wharf to Wharf Swim on Sunday, September 19th, at Williams Wharf Landing, an event that raised over $3,000 for the Mathews Land Conservancy’s facilities and projects.

Starting at Williams Wharf, the swim course was a 1 mile out and back along the East River.   Coming in first place was Kate Jenkins, 57, with a time of 29:42.  Second and third place respectively were John O’Shaughnessy, 62, with a time of 31:30 and John Clair, 46, with a time of 32:21.  Christine Johnson of the Mathews Outdoor Club provided timing for the event.  Winners received handmade shell medals from the Poddery in Mobjack.

Other finishers were Molly Broderson (38:54), Nancy O’Shaughnessy (40:45), Ron Myers (46:22), Thane Harpole (54:27), Frances Hudgins (55:30), Tim Hudgins (55:30), Terri Hyman (57:20), Will Buklad (58:50) and Kat Sharp (1:10:23).

Top fundraisers for the event were Tim and Frances Hudgins, Thane Harpole and Terri Hyman.  Each received donated prizes from Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, Short Lane Ice Cream, Heartfelt Touch Massage, Southwind Pizza and Chick Fil-A of Gloucester.

The conditions were ideal with no jellyfish and air/water temperatures in the mid 70’s. Swimmers and spectators alike enjoyed delicious food by Positive Pizza and great music from Jonathan Brown of Tappahannock.

Members and family of the board of the Mathews Land Conservancy, owners of the wharf, including Tim Hudgins, Rick and Danette Machen, Boo Schwartz, Bernadette LaCasse, Craig DeRemer, and Carolyn Smith, handled registration, course set up, safety launches and parking for the fundraising event, while Ted Broderson offered perimeter patrol on the water.

Special thanks goes out to the volunteer kayak/SUP patrol for keeping the swimmers safe, including Mary Jane Wikswo, Lynn Miller, Kim Berry, Tara Tyler, William Berg, Amy Gregg, Timmy & Alexis Deagle, Bill Johnson, Brenda Harris, and Frank, Fletcher and Brittany Rich.

The Swim is a tribute to the late L. Wayne Hudgins who was a Mathews native, Wharf enthusiast and long-time member of the MLC’s board.  Wayne’s son, Tim, now serves as the board’s president.

Williams Wharf and Bayside Landing have continued to be open to the public from sunrise to sunset daily throughout the pandemic.  If you wish to support these facilities, please make your tax-deductible gift to the Mathews Land Conservancy, Box 306, Mathews VA 23109, or online at

Next year’s event will take place on September 18, 2022.